Get the Skinny on Building a Productive AP Environment

More and more Sage users are implementing best practices to further optimize their AP processing streams and increase efficiencies, including bottom line improvement. Leveraging Sage screens for transactions and centralized AP processes will continue to enhance interaction with trading partners.   Find out how to create and manage a conducive AP environment to achieve your

Legal Briefs Update for HR – July 2014

Declare your independence from employment errors by learning from others’ mistakes:   Noncompete Noose Tightening – Just last month, I wrote about noncompetes that were unenforceable because they were either too broad (an AR case) or for lack of consideration when the employer imposed a new noncompete on current employees while superseding the “old” enforceable

Gluten-Free Labeling on the Horizon

On August 5, 2014, the FDA’s “gluten-free” labeling of foods will go into effect. This is a voluntary label for manufacturers who wish to make a “gluten-free” claim for their products. These products must contain less than 20 ppm of gluten (equivalent 20 mg gluten/1 kg). The gluten-free claim can also be used for products

Spotlight on Invoice Data Quality: What Does It Mean to You?

Increasing automation in the invoice process is the next step for organizations that aim to maximize invoice processing efficiency. And like most successful business process improvement initiatives, the path to top notch invoice management is a step-by-step one that combines a clear strategy with the appropriate technology and organization. One of the most important factors

Traceability is NOT Recall

Just because you have a great recall plan does not mean that you have great traceability. Just because, when given a lot number (whether of an ingredient you used in production, or of a finished product released to a customer), you are able to determine where it went in less than 4 hours, or 2

How to Scope Your ERP or CRM Project

Have you been following our online class “Are You Ready for Replatforming?” So many of our customers are telling us that they are ready to take advantage of modern ERP and CRM technology and make a change in their business. We thought we would share our best practices and resources for success with you in a free

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency and Quality with Budgets

A few years back, I decided that I was tired of working for “Corporate America” and set out to become an entrepreneur… be my own boss, so to speak.  It sounded good, but boy, was I in for a rude awakening. As a small business owner, I discovered just how easy I had it, working

Food Industry Expectations for Traceability

When it comes to product traceability in food manufacturing, regulatory requirements are rarely on par with customer requirements. The last post in this series described the regulatory requirements for traceability. But regulatory requirements are rarely on par with customer requirements, and in some ways, this holds true when it comes to traceability. What do your supply

Melamine: In Plastics and In Our Food?

Why is melamine – a substance used to make plastics – turning up in our food supply? As reported by the LA Times recently, China is the world’s largest dairy importer, and the United States has increased its exports of milk to China sevenfold since 2009. The reasons for China’s increased demand for dairy, especially

5 Tips to Automate Your AP Department

Invoice processing is painful, but it doesn’t have to be!  Here are 5 tips to automate your AP department. by Allison Smith Knowledge and information are essential to the success of any organization. The effective use of this information can mean the difference between success and failure. This is the case for all departments across

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