Top 10 Time Wasters Your AP Department Can Drop Today

Do you ever feel like your AP processes cause you to waste more time trying to accomplish simple tasks? Are you trying to determine how to break this vicious cycle of inefficient processes? If your organization does any of the following, consider a new approach to handling everyday processes with these helpful tips: Saving the

RECALL ROUND UP – September 10, 2014

Without question, food and drug recalls have personal ramifications on our and our loved ones’ personal health.  But when we work in certain industries, food and drug recalls can have a big impact on our work and business.  Are you aware of how the following recent recalls could be affecting you, your loved ones or

Learn How to Implement a High Performance AP Environment and Increase ROI

Do your employees spend too much time shuffling paper instead of tackling the important work required to increase your ROI and, ultimately, your bottom line? Order forms, invoices, shipping documents and employee records represent a mere fraction of the information avalanche burying your people in low value tasks. Join us on Tuesday, August 26 at

BizNet Software Sage 100 AP Update Now Available!

A new version of Sage 100 AP is now available for download from the Customer Portal. All documentation has been updated and is available for download from the portal site in a separate .zip download file.  Within the file, you will find a file titled “BizNet Content Spec – MAS90 AP” that details all of

Sustainability and Traceability

Sustainability in our food supply touches on a number of issues, including social, economic and environmental concerns. Sustainability is “the capability to be maintained over the long term in order to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs,” according to Healthy Land, Healthy People: Building a Better Understanding

Legal Briefs for HR – August 2014

Here’s what’s heating up: Mama Mia! – On July 14, the EEOC published enforcement guidance, a fact sheet and Q&A toward changing how employers address temporary impairments arising from pregnancy.  All three documents can be accessed at  This guidance upends the notion that pregnancy and its related medical conditions are not “disabilities” under the

The Basics of Warehouse Management Systems

As a long-time consultant and operator in the food and beverage industry, I have been through many manufacturing and distribution facilities over the years. I am constantly amazed at the number of warehouses that operate without any kind of warehouse management system. As companies and their product lines become increasingly complex, and the number of

Get the Skinny on Building a Productive AP Environment

More and more Sage users are implementing best practices to further optimize their AP processing streams and increase efficiencies, including bottom line improvement. Leveraging Sage screens for transactions and centralized AP processes will continue to enhance interaction with trading partners.   Find out how to create and manage a conducive AP environment to achieve your

Legal Briefs Update for HR – July 2014

Declare your independence from employment errors by learning from others’ mistakes:   Noncompete Noose Tightening – Just last month, I wrote about noncompetes that were unenforceable because they were either too broad (an AR case) or for lack of consideration when the employer imposed a new noncompete on current employees while superseding the “old” enforceable

Gluten-Free Labeling on the Horizon

On August 5, 2014, the FDA’s “gluten-free” labeling of foods will go into effect. This is a voluntary label for manufacturers who wish to make a “gluten-free” claim for their products. These products must contain less than 20 ppm of gluten (equivalent 20 mg gluten/1 kg). The gluten-free claim can also be used for products

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