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Spotlight on Invoice Data Quality: What Does It Mean to You?

Increasing automation in the invoice process is the next step for organizations that aim to maximize invoice processing efficiency. And like most successful business process improvement initiatives, the path to top notch invoice management is a step-by-step one that combines a clear strategy with the appropriate technology and organization. One of the most important factors

Answering the Challenges Midsize Organizations Face with Fragmented Invoice Processing

Despite widespread use of automated accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Accounting departments in midsize companies (with 100 to 1,000 employees) continue to rely on paper documents. Whether the documents are printed, faxed, or stored and retrieved in paper file cabinets, some portion of an organization’s internal business operations, as well as those shared

Leading AP Challenges for Sage ERP and Essential Automation Practices

Join us on May 22nd at 3pm ET – Register Now! According to experts, companies achieve more of their operational goals through process efficiencies facilitating automated AP solutions − shrinking processing cycle time by 75%. Ready to learn how to implement meaningful automation practices for Sage ERP? Join us for an exclusive Sage Webinar on

BusinessWorks Product Retirement FAQs

As a follow-up to last week’s “Next Steps for BusinessWorks” webinar, we wanted to provide some additional details to answer the burning questions we are hearing from our customers about the future product retirement plans for BusinessWorks.  What is the Retirement Date for BusinessWorks? A specific date has not been determined. Blytheco will keep its

Are you ready for Business Software Replatforming?

Companies that we work with are telling us each and every day that for a lot of reasons, now is the time to evaluate a new software system – Accounting, ERP, CRM, or HRMS. Whether it’s due to business expansion, compliance needs, a new company structure, an end-of-life situation with their current system or an

Managing the Flow of Content

In physics, there is no action without a reaction. In business, the technologies that make business progressively more able and effective correspondingly have created a counter situation that relatively few have yet been able to deal with successfully: the ever-increasing volume of structured and unstructured information that is developed daily within their own organizations and

The Must Haves for Modern ERP

A 2011 Mint Jutras ERP Selection Survey indicated that 62% of businesses with ERP installed are STILL USING the first solution ever implemented in the company. Many of these purchases were brought on by the rush to support Y2K implications. The business environment has changed since the late 1990s, and many businesses are now considering

Debunking the Myths of On-Premise ERP Security

Data and system security are of utmost concern to almost every business. These concerns often trump performance and data recovery in level of importance to ERP buyers. Early perceptions of the Cloud were that security and privacy were questionable. Many users believed that it was a risk to have sensitive company data outside of company

Gain Control of Your Paper Documents in AP!

Want to gain control of your paper documents in AP? Learn how to affordably transform paper into manageable electronic information with centralized visibility… and all without leaving your Sage screens.

The ERP Report That Could Change Your Business’ Future

We are hearing from so many businesses today that it’s time for a change in the way they approach their business technology. With many companies still using the legacy systems they first set up in the days before Y2K, they are coming to us now looking for ERP options to fit the way they do

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