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Recall Roundup – October 31, 2014

Clicking through a few page-1 Google search results easily yielded over 100 food related recalls in the month of October alone.  Not as many drug related recalls were reported in the same time frame.  However, the nature of those reported are pretty alarming.  Keep reading to discover how some of these recent recalls may be

Top AP Automation Challenges: Improving Processing and Reducing Errors

Don’t miss AP Expert, David Hay, for his March 18th Webinar hosted by ACOM Solutions. David will share thought-provoking results on top challenges AP professionals face and the true value AP Automation can bring Sage ERP users. Bringing you more value with expert insights! Register today!

When College Football + Chips & Salsa = Corporate Responsibility

It’s game day for one of the most anticipated events in college football’s annual calendar. Foam fingers?  Check! School colors painted on face?  Check! Enough food to tailgate with 50 of your closest buds?  Check! So it’s only natural that the only thing missing from this picture is… The smiling face of a Tuscan, AZ

Sage Summit 2012 Interview with Altec

Doug Tanner of Altec explains what sets his company apart from other document solution providers.  Their premiere product doc-link captures and automatically indexes invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable and payroll checks, and all reports from your software accounting package. It also eliminates opening vendor invoices received via mail by allowing vendors to fax or email

Inspiring Leadership, blyDea #27

Last week the Blytheco management team met for a week of planning with our new COO Lori Seal. On Friday we had a visit from Ed Kless and he reminded us of the great video from Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action. blyDea #27 – I encourage you, if you haven’t seen this

How Business Process Management Benefits Businesses

By Nicole Laurier, @NicoleLaurier Back in March, I read an article in Redmond by Don Jones titled ‘What’s Your Time Worth?’. Don discusses the challenges of getting a business to understand the value of automating a process and how to show ROI (return on investment) to your employer to add this type of third party tool. That’s a very interesting concept (and a great article!) but

Remembering Sage Summit 2011 and EDI Provider True Commerce

By now, most of you know that Sage Summit 2012 is just months away (for frequent updates visit Summit’s twitter page or search with the hashtag #SageSummit) and I simply can’t wait.  It’s in Nashville, and though I’m no huge fan of country, I am eager to see the performances of Trace Adkins, Jake Owen,

Using Duct Tape to Retain Your Customers [VIDEO]

In the world of the Blytheco Marketing Department, this video had the working title, “Duct Tape Video”, but somehow naming a video after a prop didn’t seem up to the high standards of our marketing professionals. It was Greg Went’s fault anyway (always is). Then we called it “Customer Retention Strategy”, which really got my

Sales Tax Compliance – Part of a Business’s Best Practices

Many companies, like yours, have been proactive in managing the risk of their business. You have selected a top of the line ERP/financial application, set up your business using best practices and have begun to build your business success. A rarely thought of area in business success is sales tax compliance. Sales and use tax

How to Produce and Upload a Youtube Video Using Adoble Elements


Check out this quick tutorial from Blytheco’s Director of Internet Marketing, Gary Dahl on the ease of producing and uploading aYoutube video.  Post any questions you might have in the comments section and we’ll get to them ASAP!

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