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Top Apps for Sales, Marketing, and Business Productivity – AND They Work with CRM

CRM doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are lots of well-known and well-loved business apps that work with the cloud and on-premise CRM solutions available to you. When you combine this super-charged CRM with your existing ERP system, you create a business management platform that gets your teams aligned and focused on putting customers at the

Hot Off the Presses! Blytheco’s Bellwether Magazine Second Quarter Is Here!

Blytheco’s Bellwether Magazine second quarter issue is out!  As always, there are some great articles to read and absorb.  For example, read about Joshua Estes hilarious venture into Demo Hell and his return unscathed.  Check out Bill Wiersma’s article on ‘How To Get Results in the Workplace’ with real-life examples of companies like Netflix and

The Top 4 Beer Distributors in Social Media – The South

In doing research for my upcoming presentation to the NBWA Conference (National Beer Wholesaler’s Association) next week in San Diego (#NBWA75), I am just so impressed by the greatness of many of these distributors’ social media presence. These guys get it.  They totally tap into (get it?) the experience of social, and adding value to

How to Avoid Becoming Big Brother With Social Media

When it comes to customer service, where does the use of social media cross the line between helpful and creepy? We’re not naïve – as consumers, we have demonstrated our willingness to sacrifice privacy for convenience. We give Facebook personal information about our “interests” and products that we “like,” and it’s no coincidence that my

Library of Congress to Archive Every Single Tweet Ever Made

A little more than two years ago, the Library of Congress announced it would preserve every public tweet, ever, for future generations.  Wait…huh?  Isn’t the library’s primary goal to research inquiries made by members of Congress through the Congressional Research Service? I like tweeting as much as the next birdie, but I never thought the information in my tweets

Pinterest and Product Disclaimers

We have seen several stories around social media in which employees have said something inappropriate about work via social media and companies have had to take immediate action. We have seen the same with postings of pictures that may be considered inappropriate. The next phase in social media is disclaimers from companies that are making

13 Business Blogging No-No’s

Nowadays blogs are everywhere and are on just about every topic imaginable.  As of 2011, tumblr and WordPress housed some 110 million blogs worldwide.  So, with this plethora of opinions, facts and anecdotes, what can one do to boost their own content’s visibility and blog activity? What things can you avoid doing in order to

Google Plus isn’t Dead? Well at least not yet Anyway…

(CNN) — by @JDSutter Google Plus, Google’s much-chided version of Facebook, celebrated its first birthday last week. That probably means one of two things to you. If you’re a tech geek: “That site’s still around?” Or if not: “What the heck is Google Plus?” Both of those reactions, however, may be missing the point. Here’s a look at a few

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