What the Heck is a CTA?


If you are in sales and/or marketing, a CTA, or a Call-to-Action, is your friend. You may not know it yet, but after you learn about them, your world will be forever changed.

Why is a CTA your friend? Well firstly, it can be anywhere from a little button, to a form or simply a request that calls people’s attention on a web-page and says “hey, look at me, I’ve got something hot for you to look at over here”. It is just like seeing a glorious pair of shoes stand out from the crowd in a department store shoe display. You’ve got to have them, you’ve got to try them on. (ok, maybe not for everyone, but this example works for me- because well…I adore shoes).

CTAs will easily become your new friend as they will help you grab a viewer’s attention and direct them to richer content that they want to get their hands on.

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These are just a few examples of things that may grab people’s attention. Yes, first you must have rich content – that is a given. We have some articles on that as well. This content must be behind forms and tie into your overall marketing strategy. But you have to have that all encompassing, mind blowing, button or graphic that attracts users and makes it nearly impossible for them not to click.

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