The Value in Using Twitter


At last week’s SHRM Conference here in Atlanta, I was shocked to learn how many attendees had not embraced social media as a means of expanding their personal network, learning from their communities, and taking advantage of workplace management opportunities.

From our booth we passed out our amazing  (if we do say so ourselves) Twitter 101 piece, which included the “Top Ten People to Follow in Social HR,” and while a few passers-by were delighted with the info, some pulled away from the printed handout like it was a snake.  Some looked at me scornfully and said things like “I seriously doubt I need to follow ANYONE on Twitter,” or “I don’t tweet” – much in the dismissive-yet-astonished way one might say “I would NEVER sleep on the streets!”

Clearly tons of people in HR ARE using Twitter. I saw thousands of tweets on my feed alone last week detailing SHRM sessions, offers, and, yes, late-night parties.

So what’s with the attitude? People still think that Twitter is about “what I had for breakfast” (toast with peanut butter – thanks for asking) – the perception among the uninitiated is the information on Twitter is superficial drivel, perhaps useful for attracting legions of teenage fans.

Well, that perception is dead wrong. Like any tool, the value of Twitter is in how it is used. Businesses are using Twitter and other social media platforms to create a new kind of mutually beneficial relationship with their customers, resulting in improved transparency, better service, and greater personalization of the consumer experience.  In the words of Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Livestrong: “Social media is worth celebrating because it gives us all a voice.”

What’s your company’s experience with social media? Changing your world or not so much? Let us know in our 2012 Social Business Benchmarking Survey. It’s a 4-minute survey about your social experience. All takers receive a free report on the results so you can keep up with what your peers in business are doing, AND will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire to be held the week of July 23.


2 Responses to The Value in Using Twitter

  1. laurie says:

    I think it’s difficult to correlate twitter adoption rates in the HR community with how many people were interested in stuff being handed out at your booth. HR is a notoriously vendor-averse crowd. You could hand out $50 bills and they would take ‘em but not make eye contact with you.

    Social media adoption rates in HR are higher than many other professional groups. If you go to a Finance or Pharma conference — or you participate in other associations — you’ll see that HR is actually on the vanguard.

    People in HR know Twitter. They just don’t want to engage YOU on the topic because most b2b marketing firms screw up Twitter.

    That’s my 2c.

  2. Laurie, thanks for the input – glad it’s not just me. I actually think it’s a generational thing too…enough said on that.

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