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If Facebook is the Best Social Marketing Medium – Why are More Women Tweeting?

In a follow-up to my previous article about the not-so-fantastic results of engagement with a brand on Facebook, a recent LinkedIn poll shows that professionals think other-wise. Facebook shows a winning 27% over LinkedIn’s 22% and Twitter’s 17% for how

Alternative Beer & Wine Packaging – CAN it Work?

Canned beer – the perfect beverage for tailgates, college parties, and the beach or pool, right? But what if your tastes run more to craft – flavorful, unique brews from unique companies? Got that covered. Crafts are canning, and they

Are You Being Emotionally Targeted by Businesses?

While reading the latest post from Laurie Sullivan at Behavioral Insider (the inside line on behavioral marketing), I learned that Yahoo recently re- filed for a patent for a product they call emoticlips. As I understand, this little product allows

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