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My Top Ten Experiences from our Annual Marketing Extravaganza

Cortez (head of social media at Blytheco. He also does most of our blog stuff which is really why I’m kissing up by putting him at the top). Cortez is really tall. He does not look that way on our

Thanksgiving: A Diary of Cooking and Team-Building Success

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of team-building activities and about an event that we had in Orange County.  Other members of the Blytheco marketing team decided to share their perspectives about their experiences below.  I think we

A Chopped Cook-Off: Improving Team Relationships at Work

Who said that team-building exercises were lame and only for those lacking appropriate social skills?  Well…actually, I did.  In fact, it was something I always thought, and I’ve always considered myself quite the social butterfly.  After last week, I can

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