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How to Build Community Among Your Customers

The bottom line is this: you cannot understand how to move your business forward until you understand your customers.  Here are some good ways your business can listen to customers more effectively, while at the same time creating a feeling

7 Ways to Show Your Customers You Love Them

These days every customer counts, so why frequently are so many companies losing them? Between moving away or passing away and switching to a competitor — the excuses are many for why customers may jump ship. But the No. 1

A Chopped Cook-Off: Improving Team Relationships at Work

Who said that team-building exercises were lame and only for those lacking appropriate social skills?  Well…actually, I did.  In fact, it was something I always thought, and I’ve always considered myself quite the social butterfly.  After last week, I can

Blytheco VP, Phil Sim, Discusses Importance of CRM in Radio Interview

Last week on the Global Talk Radio segment, ‘In the News’, Blytheco VP of CRM, Phil Sim, shares insight into how Customer Relationship Management is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

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